About Nitish

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A Little About Me

Howdy! I'm Nitish, a rising junior pursuing a bachelor’s dual degree in both computer science and data science at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. By majoring in the vast field of computer science, I’m working to develop skills that can help positively shape our world’s future.

My primary interests are in web and app development, .NET programming, database management, and UI/UX design. While diverse, I've always preferred to gain a breadth of experience in various technologies.

Being in the field of computer science, I enjoy exploring new applications and projects, and I like to take on challenges with a positive attitude and growth mindset. As an engineer, I know the importance of a growth mindset. Whether it's a new language or technology, the field is always changing, and as engineers, we have the ability to adapt and overcome such challenges. I take pride in my love for learning and I believe that such a mindset will take one far.

When I'm not inside a cubicle or in class, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, catching up on the latest in tech, working on side personal projects, participating in Indian cultural shows, learning foreign languages, and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes and nature.